What you should know

Simple ideas are often the best ones and when a concept is really good, it is usually good all the way. This is true for container advertising. In addition to offering an extraordinarily powerful and untapped brand support, these billboards in motion can claim unashamedly, to be environmentally friendly as well as giving back to the community in a manner unprecedented for the advertisement industry.

These aesthetic billboards in motion allow lowering the actual cost of transportation of goods carried inside of containers. This offsets the carbon tax cost to the transport industry, increasing efficiencies and profitability, etc… Not bad for a walking fish!

Container advertising does in fact even more for the environment, as it does not clutter the landscape with the installation of an out of place standard billboard, fill your mail box and gutter with prospectus or even invade your TV and computer screens. Shipping containers are there to serve a vital supply chain purpose and their utilisation as billboards in motion is there for everyone's benefit.

So look at the walking fish in confidence - he is here to help!